Islam keeps a low-key in Latvia. Latvia has among the lowest population shares of Muslims in Europe (0,05%) and is among the few countries that have no mosques.

Nearly all Latvia’s Muslims (or their forefathers) came as a result of foreign pressure. First Latvia’s Muslims served in the 19th century Russian army or were its prisoners of war.

The bulk of current Muslims came as Soviet settlers during the Soviet occupation. Having came from modern-day Russia, Ukraine, Transcaucasia and Central Asia, they are mostly of Turkic stock (Tatars, Azeris, Uzbeks).

These “Soviet Muslims” are far from religious and usually assimilated into the Russophone community. Many of them became atheist (something promoted by the Soviet regime). While Latvia has some 7000 people of traditionally Muslim communities, merely several hundred still practice Islam.

After Latvian independence some new, more religious Muslims came as students from countries such as Lebanon. There were also a few illegal migrants scaling Latvia’s Eastern border.

The real game-changer however came in 2015 when Latvia gave in to European Union pressure to accept 776 illegal migrants from Middle East and Africa, most of them Muslim. As Latvia increasingly loses its sovereignty to the European Union, its ability to control its own population may grow increasingly limited and more Muslim illegal migrants may be sent from Western Europe to Latvia.

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      1. Madeline- you struggle with spelling- a greater education would be better before you commenr on public forums. I suspect further that youre a lonely / divorced woman who Men hate and have nothing better to do than make spelling mistakes in an attempt to get attention.

          1. Let’s stop judging one another let’s all come together and teach knowledge to one another Inshallah

    1. I am full Latvian blood and I converted to Islam one day before Ramadan 2024 and it has been difficult to make people understand the knowledge and study they all just want to assume but not sit across the table and speak nice in the bible Jesus said to follow any messenger who comes after him also Jesus praise just like Muslims wha does Muslim mean? Muslim is someone who submits to God I love to speak so much and am full Latvian blood and am proud to be muslim what does the Quran tell us it even shows us the Quran is for the human kind there is no race no colour Jesus peace be upon him also submitted to God there is sooo much I can say listen guys if you want to sit nice around the table and talk okey but if you want to speak and assume go and study your bible because you guys are assuming study the bible and come back to us and we are happy to help don’t assume but learn knowledge anyways my name is Edijs I will keep my surname closed so no one does a hate crime against me remeber one more thing a true believer will always love one another no matter the race or the religion one fun fact before I go did you know Jesus in he’s time was Jewish well there you go go study guys please please it’s important subhanallah
      There is only true debate her if you have an open mind are willing to Liatten than assume have a good day my brothers and sisters Inshallah

      1. Nice to hear that brother that you converted to muslim now i am from Pakistan and feeling so happy for you

  1. Oo u are blind ,and devils make u blind, because u dont know anything abaut Muslim people ooooh
    They are the most peaceful persons .
    And alhamdulillah . They are strong believers ooo subhnaallah
    This comment is for Madeleine

    1. Subhanallah
      There are good people her
      I converted to Islam and I want to show people how beautiful it is I want to help people in Latvia understand what the bible means so much misunderstand over her in this world
      I will keep all my Latvian people in my Duas I love you people of Latvia my people let’s learn knowledge we have intern now let’s stop wasting time and learn knowledge or don’t disrespect us Allah will guide you to the right path In Shaa Allǎh if your true believers you will follow your religion and listen to Gods messengers such as Jesus peace and blessing be upon him and all messengers can we please come together as 1 and open our bibles and seek the truth we Muslims (submit to God) we love to learn and gain knowledge if anyone can prove us wrong we as Muslims will always acknowledge we submit to God the almighty the same as Jesus and Jesus prayed just like us Muslims there is so much for me to learn my self no one will ever be perfect imagine how beautiful it is to submit to our creator I hope you all are guided to the straight path Inshallah

  2. Muslim people should go back to their country and practice those believes in their homeland. As it looks like you don’t have any regard towards Latvia or its people.

    1. Muslim is not a race or a country ! Muslim means submit to God I don’t want to school you kid but before you bark first come with paper work and facts thankyou

      Also Jesus said to follow the messenger that comes after him why don’t you open the bible and practise your religion more my sister ? Please if you want to have a open mind debate let’s talk am full Latvian blood if you saw me in life you will know am full Latvian blood ???? and also did you know Jesus in he’s time was who ? You tell me the answer go on ?
      And also we submit to one God and God could never be human why? Because this is not possible Adam and even are first humans her and the rest are who our brothers and sisters ! Jesus never maficali just jump down to earth and if Jesus was God why did Jesus pray ? Did Jesus pray to him self ? Ermm come back to me with them few questions I love to talk and am full Latvian we can speak Latvian no problema my sisters and brother I love you all for the sake of Allah !

      1. Assalamualaikum, welcome to Islam. I am a born Muslim and married to a Latvian. This may not be the best place to ask but I was wondering if you could help me find halal places in Riga? My husband says there are none but since reading this article I am sure there must be legit halal places here?

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